Stand up for Steubenville


I want people to take notice that I accuse people of anything I simple use my freedom of speech to ask any qeustion I have to see if I can get them cleared up. I also make statements telling people to look over the evidence theiselves, which lets people use their own opinions and decide for theirselves. Freedom of speech allows us to point to phisical evidence and ask questions without actually accusing someone. And this is legal and protected according to everyones Freedom of Speech

Want to see how these like to hurt peoples reputations?

Here is a list of people that I am interested in exchanging more information with:

William aka Murt



and others that have information they want to exchange. I am always willing to share mine.

Leave links that you would like added in the comment section and I will add it.

If interested leave a comment and if I feel that its safe enough Ill contact you at the email you leave.