Bloggers and Victims United

As I reseach more, I keep finding more everyday about a small group of Female Bloggers that have Terrorised people from all over the United States. Though 3 stand out the most a 4th one has recently been picked up on our radar.

I am calling on the Bloggers, Journalists, Reporters and others that have information and evidence on this group that victimises people in the name of justice. Stop letting them devide you! Join together and share your combined information. Gather Information and Evidence in each state that they have victimised people in, compile it and turn it over to the Federal Authorities. Contact your State FBI and Homeland Security Agencies and turn over the Stuff you have gathered and demand that they take action. I can assure you that atleast 3 states are holding some information on this group already.

Form a United Group, not only share and turn over the evidence but that will stand and testify in a court of law as well. From what I see there have been several Federal Violations from this group but I need to do more research. if you can combine your efforts you can give the Federal Authorities a case.

I know this because my work is government related, I have access to some databases that let me cheek backgrounds and research people more efficiently. I have been using my own free time to pull up some background checks recently and I can tell you honestly they do not read the same information that the Bloggers in question claim that they do. All crimes, arrests and convictions are public knowledge and stored in the Federal Database and given out for a small fee at the local State Police Stations though out the United States. Even if the person is not convicted the database still records the arrest. They can try to cover up their crimes but the federal data bases will expose them.

I live a good ways south of Steubenville and it took awhile for what was going on to reach this area. I find it sickening that some people resort to tactics such as defaming people to ruin their life and Bomb Threats to Bully people around. Especially when the person they target has a family. So due this and some other facts I decided to gather evidence and turn it into my state as well.

With all that said I am going to call out to the Bloggers, Journalists, reporters ect that have sites or links that they want to be shared. i am going to compile a list of these links on this page so all links can be accessible from a main source page. This will unite the Bloggers with victims by giving victims a way to access multiple links at once. Remember that I am not a Blogger just an interested party that has decided to get involved.

If you leave me links in the comment section I will post it here with the other ones. If you leave me an email and I think its safe to contact you I will be more then happy to do so.

Prinnie aka Goddard Links, is this what she is really like?

Does this Blogger group cry Stalker even though they have a history of Stalking and Harrassing people on the Internet? Does heir tactics include slandering, defamation and calling police to make false reports?

Mckee, lets see what she is really like?

Michelle Mckee has Given false Information and Let Anonymous take the blame?

Mckee lies about being in contact with Cody Saltsman?

Mckee can release the names of teens in steubenville including some proven not involved, but she calls others out on Stalking? Does someone need the number of a good therapist?

How many times has Mckee tricked Anons into attacking innocent people?

Briley, lets see what she is really like?

Briley aka ameliasobe has made a habit out of leading campaigns of threats and deception?

Really Holly do you think so? Its seems your lies are catching up to you?

Why would someone who cares about a victim do this?

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