Illegal Activites

People of Steubenville Grab a Pen and Notepad and lets begin. If you want to know who to tell your attorneys to direct their attention at for the many lawsuits that are waiting to be sent out for the attack on your Kids, Town and your sense of security: then you came to the right place.

I encourage you to read this website and see for yourself the evidence that has been displayed. All the evidence from the bloggers came off the internet at their own free will. They boldly made the tweets you see with their own names attached to them or their Alias.

They put your kids in Jeopardy, they are just as responsible for all the character attacks, cyber attacks and threats as anyone else involved. According to Consipracy Laws all partys involved can be held accountable.

If you take notice to the tweets below you can clearly see the Bloggers responsible for releasing your kids names to Ky anonymous to be placed on his Video that was illegally put on Jim Parks website.

They even mentioned names of teeneages that were not even involved or at the party to begin with. Notice the Name Jake Howarth mentioned and KY even confirmed that he was not involved.


If Briley wasn’t stalking Cody Saltsman then how would she know what hes doing on the internet?

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