Say Hello to KYAnonymous or as of recently “KYNotSoAnonymous” since his operations against Steubenville turned out to be a scam and many innocent people got hurt. This attack on the people of Steubenville really “pissed” alot of people off. many of those pissed off people also have “skills” it seems that KY and his ego were so convinced that the team they put together for the attack on Steubenville were unstopable. Now here less then 2 months later his team seems to have fallen apart and the people are being revealed for who they are and the crimes they committed.

First lets start off with what people already know about KYAnonymous:

ky lies again (2)

We can see in this statement above, made by KY on his Tumblr account that KY does not mean Kentucky and that he claims he is from the West Coast. Now take notice to the posts below:

In this interview above that KY did he discribes himself as a a Country Boy from Kentucky. He is in his mid 20s and has a Criminal Justice Degree.

In this post below you can clearly see that KYAnonymous used the name Kentuckyanon for his past operations. You can see the name of the youtube and facebook sites used as well. Also take notice of KYanonymous twitter account mentioned.

Here is KY making the changes when he realises that the use of kentuckyanon became compromised.

KY claims that he hates facebook and never uses it!

Below is a facebook page that if you look at the top you can see its called KYanonymous, also take notice to the kentuckyanon youtube listing that is the same as the one KY himself mentioned in the posts above.

So after seeing all this evidence, it is safe to say that KY is clearly from Kentucky. We know that he has some education in criminal justice and is afiliated with the Kentuckyanons.

In this video linked below KY claims to be peaceful and wants to work with proper Law Enforcement in Steubenville.

If you look at this tweet below you can see that Ky has not respect for Law Enforcement anywhere.

For all the hate KY seems to have for law Enforement and Snitches, check out this set of tweets below.

Did he seriously say he would turn information over to the FBI?

How about the time KY himself made this statement, see tweet above?

Well if thats true then where is he? We all know they are looking for him! And its no big secret that the account was taken over and his account would have received this. See the post below.

Now we can clearly see that KY is a Compulsive Liar, But you do not have to take my word for it because he tells you himself in the post below that he made himself.

He says and I quote “the key to staying anonymous is to lie about everything” , mis information is the key to survival. I beg to differ to lie about everything is simply what it is, it makes you a Liar!

Now lets move onto what research has shown us about the person behind the KYanonymous identity:

After watching a blogger in his efforts to find out who is responsible for the attacks on Steubenville, I have decided use a large packet of info that was sent to me to help those in Steubenville that were victimised by this attack. I will say that the rape incident that happened in August was horrible and heart-wrenching and I agree that she needs justice. However, I do not agree with making other people victims just to get some attention. Thats called Hypocrisy!

With that said lets take a look at Ky and who we believe he is!

Deric Lostutter 25 Male.

Graduated Clark County High School, the same school that KY targeted using the Kentuckyanon name.

Who would know the condition of a school better then a former Student?

This is Deric Lostutter aka Shadow, a self proclaimed Raper on the Rise, who started his own record label that calls it self “KnightShade”. <——— KnightSec?

This is the KnightShade logo below.

Lostutter claims that he does not have the skill to be a part of Anonymous?

Heres Lostutters Myspace profile about his computer business that he had. Does this not require computer skill to do?

Here is a Bullyville posting by Lostutter, who also does work for Viaview who owns Bullyville and other websites.

If you go and check out Bullyville website you will see that all of KYs target Operations are also mentioned on Bullyville. This does show a connection between Lostutter, KY and Bullyville. Some examples are, Steubenville, Westboro Baptist Church, Huntermoore and more.

Now it can not be said for sure what was going on, was it possible that Bullyville knew what was going on and endorsing it or was KY using his position within his new found association to his advantage?

Here is a letter denying Viaviews involvement in Kys operations.

Below here is a post by McGibney, who we “band of Military Brothers” Im in with refer to as a “Military Traitor,” who admits that Lostutter was hired to do work for Viaview, as a security consultant.

He tries to call Anonymous an Organization, but though my Criminal Justice courses did not include Anonymous 101 and Lostutter claims they learned about Anonymous in a class, wouldn’t the class atleast be educated enough about Anonymous to teach Lostutter that their not a group?

Lostutter claims that while in his 2nd semester he liked a couple anonymous posts. Now keep in mind that Lostutter also mentions that he dropped out of school well over a year ago. So anyone with basic math would have to put his second semester back in the fall of 2011 or before that?

Now if what Lostutter is saying is true then why would his likes on these anonymous posts be in 2012 and why was his facebook sites founded in 2012? Over a year after he would have been in his 2nd semester? Which means he straight out lied about liking these Anonymous posts while he as in that class.

See below for evidence.


Did that class teach you about WikiLeaks as well? With WikiLeaks being an Anonymous main source of posting their information.

How about Lexington Kentucky operations, how can your class have taught you that when it did not happen yet? KY was a part of that Op.

So is Lostutter still saying he had no ties to Anonymous besides through his class?

The how can he explain being a part of the OpHuntHunterMoore ops in Dec of 2012? See below.

Then deleting it Dec 24th the same day OpRollRedRoll begins?

Take notice to the Video ID Numbers, they are a match!

Does everyone remember the hoodie KY was wearing in that Interview that I have on the page for everyone here to see? WOW isn’t that something, see below and notice Lostutter wearing the same identical hoodie.

561651_254951877965219_1448498765_n[1] (2)

Does anyone else remember when KY use to say he was Scottish irish German? See below.


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