Mckee photo

This page is to show everyone what king a person Michelle Mckee really is!

Just take alook at her the kind of tweets she spews and see for yourself.


It seems Mckee likes to make threats, slander people and even by her own admission stalk people.


Don’t worry Mckee WE will not give up on you either.



Take notice to the refereance she has no intention of leaving him alone.

Here is Mckee admitting that she hacked into someone elses computer to steal information.

Hey Michelle can we say Federal Offense?


What? Michelle admitting to another Federal Offense? So Michelle Mickee has DDOS tools on her syetem? Thats good to know.


Michelle why did you refer to SuperSteve2dope as a Retarded Chicken? Thats not very nice.

Why would you say something like this Mckee? why are you lieing and Blaming a guy for trying to ruin Alex Goddard, —–>


When you know for a fact that the truth is she really was involved because we can see this? Look at Prinnie mentioned above!

Lets see what Mckee is really like shall we?

Michelle Mckee has Given false Information and Let Anonymous take the blame?

Mckee lies about being in contact with an Atty for Cody Saltsman?

How many times has Mckee used Anons to attack innocent people?

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