AKA Frauleinava @BrigitZahlten , yes this has been confirmed? The Ip address is the same as Prinnie.

See those comments above that ID Prinnie as Brigit?

Thats an aweful lot of fake names for someone who is supposed to do justice for people? Why the need to hide so much?

Does this name ring a bell? See below!


So Prinnie was helping outsource Anonys from her @BrigitZahlten account? Guess what only 1 Person can have an @ address so there is only one person who uses that twitter account, and it is archived.

Goddard claiming that she is not taking sides?


How can she claim not to be taking sides when according to these tweets with her aka prinnie name mentioned, that she is the one who is turning all the information over to KY?

Hey Goddard do you lie much? It seems so!


Even this guy your friend is talking about believes you were a top contributor to the Steubenville attacks? It seems there just might be a nice size group of people willing to testify to that fact, I know of atleast 3 so far.

I agree with this guy!

Should we give Goddard the Manipulater of the year award?

Another benefit prinnie got from sending KY after saltsman? read on,

Ms. Goddard’s statement (that she was forced to make) is the true one. Saltsman was never charged, which means the rest of the bad fiction writing about secret meetings is false, too. It’s made up, according to Ms. Goddard’s own words. And yet, she and her friends have repeatedly pushed people directly and indirectly to KYAnonymous and the LocalLeaks story. Over and over, all roads from their promotion on TV, radio and blogs leave to more lies about Saltsman.

So Ms. Goddard gets off the legal hook by apologizes for lying, then hooks up with a group that takes those lies even further. A group that is literally anontmous and therefore much harder to sue for defamation. And KYAnoymous is forced to lie about how he knows about the story since it might point out a huge violation of the terms of the suit.

Lets see what Prinnie is really like shall we?

Briley is aka radionewzblog.

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