Questions Left Unanswered

Lets first go over what we already know about Steubenville….

We know that there was a rape case in Steubenville Ohio.

We have learned that a handful of boys are somehow connected to the case and that 2 have so far been charged.

We have seen the video that has been made public that leaves people stunned.

We have seen the tweet evidence that has been made public.

We know that KYanonymous was the leader of a Group KnightSec that uses the umbrella term of Anonymous.

We know that KY agreed to initiate the operations that took place against the town of Steubenville.

We know that Local Leaks was not verifying the information before it was released.

But what about the questions that are still unanswered?

Follow along and lets see if we can get some of those questions answered…. just remember to read the questions at the bottom of each photo posting….


To begin I am going to start with a lawsuit that was filed against a Blogger.

Why was this person Hash Tagging #Anonymous and bringing up the issue of Freedom of Speech?

Why is this person in this tweet, trolling and bugging Anonuk123?

So Prinnie was helping outsource Anonys from her @BrigitZahlten account? Guess what only 1 Person can have an @ address so there is only one person who uses that twitter account, and it is archived.

More tweets of the Bloggers outsourcning Anons, and targeting Cody Saltsman. See above and below.


This is the reply to Prinnie on her Birgit account for trolling Anonuk123?


Why is this same person from the DEC 3rd tweets now trolling and bugging Anonuk123 and and why does he state that he does not want to get involved with some BLOGGERS?

Why does Anonuk123 boldly come out and say that he can see that RADIONEWZBLOG is trying to USE Anons to do their DIRTY WORK?

What kind of DRITY WORK do these Bloggers need done?

Why are these people trying to outsource Anons?


Why is the same person from DEC 3rd and 8th, after she got turned by an Anon now moving onto another Anon?

Why is the same person in these tweets releaseing names of underage boys and giving information about them?

What ever happened to the Freedom of Speech talk this same person was using on DEC 3rd?

Do you remember the Blogger who was bing sued in the first photo about the lawsuit?

Why is the Blogger who is being sueds Alias mentioned in these tweets, as the person who will be giving over the information to get started?

Why is the plaintiff in the lawsuit mentioned in these tweets along with the same Bloggger that he is suing?

What blogger Owns

Is it the same blogger who Owned RadioNewcBlog?



It seems that all 3 bloggers and their websites are connected?


Why does KY from the tweets above come out and warn someone that they have drawn the attantion of KnightSec?

Why is the only Teen whose name is mentioned, the same one that is suing the Blogger?

Why is KY telling Birgit and them to make Anon profiles on twitter and change their Avis to fawks masks and stuff? Why would KY need a bunch of fake Anons to support this Op? See below.

Notice before the name @Birgit was the same one who was outsourcing Anons in the first place.


Why does the same Blogger in this tweet, on DEC 12 mention an OpRollRedRoll Operation that did not start until DEC 24th?

How did that Blogger know of KinghtSecs plans about OpRollRedRoll way before it happened?

Why are these bloggers so focused on Cody Saltsman? It seems they really wanted to make an example out of the one who filed a lawsuit aqgainst Prinnie.

Why would all these people connected, be trying to outsource Anons about Freedom of Speech, if one of them is in a lawsuit with the same person that was first targeted by KY?


Does it seem that the same boy who was in the lawsuit against the Blogger is scared, by the way he is acting in these tweets, after he was scared by KY who was outsourced by the Bloggers?


Was that teen scared enough of KY who was outsourced by the Bloggers, scared enough go in and ask to drop the lawsuit and ask to be able to print an apology on her blog, to defend himself from KY?

Was everything that has happened on this blog timeline the cause of this?


Don’t you think the teen would be even more scared after seeing this?


And even after dening involvement the blogger was nice enough to thank KY for what happened?

And better yet the LIAR actually is dumb enough to turn around and admit her involvement in the conspiracy of getting Anonymous to attack Steubenville! See below!



I wonder if someone can deny their involvement after seeing these past two sets of tweets?


Is it ok if I speak Bluntly now?

Does this include the same kind of “Low -rent undesirable Shit Bags” that get theirselves into legal trouble and resort to outsourcing Anonymous to threaten a teen into dropping a lawsuit?


Does this include the same kind of “Low -rent undesirable Shit Bags” that at one time worked at Enzos, and alegedly sodomized a male with a bottle of HOT SAUCE?


Does anyone else sense a conspiracy?

Does anyone else feel like there are more questions that need to be answered?

Does anyone else feel like picking up their telephone and calling the FBI and try to get some of these questions answered?

Sorry for using the Blunt words that Prinni had to say but i was trying to make a point!

No where in this page did i accuse Anonymous of anything like someone tried to claim, go through and read for yourself.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to read this blog. I am in no way accusing anyone of anything I am simply, “asking questions”! Everyone has a right in their Freedom of Speech to try to ask questions so they can get their facts straight about something. It just sems some people are upset because “I am asking the right questions.”

I live a good distance South of Ohio and I was passed this info from a friend who got it from someone else. It seems they started a chain mail with it, so I will continue to pass it on, feel free to copy and do so, as well!

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